Gentech Aviation

Comprehensive and affordable solutions to all the insurance needs of Aviation customers across Canada.
Gentech Insurance is one of the very few insurance brokers in Canada exclusively dedicated to the Aviation Industry.  We provide Risk Management services and solutions to the General Aviation community.  This goal is achieved through the expertise possessed by our experienced and knowledgeable Aviation Team.  We take our commitment to answering your needs seriously.  Our service timelines are stringent.  We implement fail-safe insurance methods to answer to the higher duty of care required by all of us involved in the Aviation industry. 
At Gentech Insurance we specialize is assessing your risk, providing a full Risk Analysis of your exposures, and providing insurance solutions and advice.  We capitalize on the expertise possessed by our Aviation personnel.  We pride ourselves on being able to satisfy all the needs of every type of Aviation client, large and small.  In addition, we strive to provide every single type of coverage and policy that can ever be required or imagined.  Gentech clients can rest easy knowing that they are fully protected and focus on running safe, successful operations.
Gentech Aviation Products:
Aircraft Hull and Liability

Aviation General Liability

Premises Liability

Hangarkeeper’s Liability, Inflight Hangarkeepers

Products Liability, Grounding

Non-Owned Aircraft Liability

Commercial Pilots Loss of License

Property, Automobile, Environmental, Directors and Officers, Errors and Omissions, Cargo, Bonds, Receivables, Cyber

Gentech Aviation Customers:

Passenger and Cargo Charter

Corporate Aircraft

Flight Training

Airports, Contractors and Tenants

Fixed Base Operators

Aircraft Maintenance Organizations, Refuelers, Paint Shops

Manufacturers, Distributors and Repair of Aircraft Parts and Avionics

Private Aircraft

Flying Clubs



Hangar Owners

Airport Tenants

Types of Aircraft Covered at Gentech:
Fixed and Rotary Wing

Land, Float, Amphibian, Ski, Glider, Hot Air Balloon

Manufactured, Ultralight, Kitplane, Homebuilt


Specialty Gentech Customers:
Gliders - We offer exclusive coverage and pricing to glider pilots across Canada
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers - we offer the following exclusive products:
     * Aviation Liability and Property
     * Home and Automobile
     * Disability
     * Medical/Dental/Life

Gentech supports the following Aviation Associations:
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Assocation of Ontario
Community Airports Group Ontario
Canadian Owners and Pilots Association
Women in Aviation
Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada

Sandy Odebunmi
Vice President, Aviation
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