UAV/Drone Insurance

Has prior insurance ever been cancelled or non-renewed?:
Does the UAV have 'auto-land' or 'return-to-home' capability:
Is the UAV desined to deploy/drop payload or other items?:
Pilot Accidents, Violations, Incidents: :
Pilot Accidents, Violations, Incidents: :
Pilots have completed formal UAV or Operator Training:
Does Applicant currently hold a Special Flight Operating Certificate (if applicable)?:
Will insured UAV be used outside of Canada?:
Does Applicant own or exclusively lease any other UAVs?:
Will anyone other than named pilots operate insured’s UAV?:
Does Applicant use UAVs owned by others?:
Has Applicant ever had insurance denied or cancelled?:
Has Applicant or Named Pilot ever had any convictions or license suspensions?:
Does the Applicant provide training in the operation of UAVs?:
Have there been any accidents that you or your operation have had in the past 5 years?:

If you have multiple UAVs or more than 2 pilots to be insured, kindly complete our full UAV Insurance Application [PDF] and email to